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Vertical Blinds

Here at CS blinds of Carlisle, we offer a wide variety of blinds including vertical blinds throughout Cumbria.

Vertical blinds are a traditional, attractive and economical option for covering classical windows. Vertical blinds can be used with both large windows and sliding door and any other type of opening you have in your home. By design, vertical blinds have a fantastic quality to allow free air flow throughout the house. You can choose from a wide range of colours, styles and materials.

Vertical Blinds can adapt to almost any interior decor giving you the functionality and elegance you need. And, unlike traditional blinds, they hang vertically so dust is easy to clean. As well as this, vertical blinds can be installed in windows of all sizes. If your ceiling is too low, vertical Blinds can solve this problem, as they are ideal for improving the aesthetics of these rooms making them appear taller.

All our vertical blinds are competitively priced and areas we supply and install to include Carlisle, Penrith, Wigton, Brampton Workington and surrounding areas of Cumbria. Please take a look at some of the vertical blinds we supply here at CS blinds below and give us a call on 01228 598646 to discuss all your needs.